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Asian wedding trends
17 May 2021
Posted by
Memory Maker

Stand out from the crowd with the marvellous Asian wedding trends of 2021/22

There's a lot to think about when planning your Asian wedding, whether that's choosing a wedding venue that can cater to the amount of people you'd like to invite, ensuring you're able to incorporate several traditional ceremonies if you wish, as well as satisfying your own wishes and those of your family.


But most importantly, your wedding day should be beautiful, stylish, and thoroughly enjoyed by all. The wedding trends of 2021/22 are sure to bring glamour, tradition, and memorable experiences to make your special day one to remember.


Here are some of our favourites…


Grand Arrivals

From helicopters to horseback, grand arrivals are a great way to get guests excited for the day ahead and is a real opportunity for you to show flair and personality. Popular options for 2021/22 are super cars for the groom, luxurious cars for the bride, horse and carts, and for the super glamourous, maybe even a helicopter ride… Whatever your choice, a grand arrival ensures all eyes are on you!


Starlit Occasions

Luxurious gardens and exciting outdoor spaces are going to be very popular in 2021/22 and this has put a real focus on dramatic outdoor decorations. Typically, fairy lights are used in trees and canopies for outdoor decoration, but this year will see more focus on flower garlands, flower arches, and creative and colourful ornaments, creating highly ‘Instagrammable' backdrops and features… the bigger the better!


Food Stations

Your Asian wedding isn't complete without the most delicious of culinary treats. Food stations scattered around the venue with different options for guests, as opposed to a big buffet selection will become more popular this year. This helps to keep guests spread across the venue rather than queuing for food and adds to the experience of the day by having multiple dishes available to try. Yum!


Merging of Cultures

There is a new trend of merging traditional western silhouettes with beautiful Asian fabrics and embellishments. Some brides are also opting for softer hues of colours such as peach, mint, grey and blue with heavy Asian embellishments for a daring, modern feel. Paired with statement jewellery, this look is all about attitude and edge – perfect for the modern bride!


Staycation Weddings

With overseas travel limited in 2021, wedding hosts have turned to luxury hotels to give their guests a mix of hometown and destination wedding combined, with fun-filled staycation weddings. From central locations in the UK's most beautiful towns to historic manor houses where you can explore the great outdoors, not to mention our hotels perfectly placed in all four corners of London, with Marriott, you can be sure your guests will relish the experience.


Go Big on Entertainment

Giving guests a fantastic experience through activities, performances, and amazing memories to take home with them is essential for 2021/22, so it's time to delight your guests with live entertainment such as aerial acts, stand-up comedians, sketch artists, dance acts, and magicians. Performers can mingle with guests so having a few different activities on the day is a great way to entertain guests before the dancing starts. This kind of entertainment will make your wedding stand out from the rest!


No matter where you're based in the UK, our extensive indoor and outdoor spaces create the perfect backdrop to your wedding and our Memory Makers are on hand to discuss your requirements.


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