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Themed place settings for parties
24 Apr 2022
Special Occasions
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Memory Maker

Want some party theme ideas to inspire your next event? We've got you covered!



Let's face it, when planning to throw a party the ultimate goal is to keep your guests talking for years to come, and 2022 is most definitely the year of the big celebration!


This year, the party scene is back with a vengeance, and we're not just talking about the usual milestones like birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. We are all out celebrating and embracing those moments that mark fresh milestones and open new chapters. And, more than ever, parties are embracing new and wonderful themes to really make an impression.


It's fair to say, we LOVE themed parties and although at times planning one may seem overwhelming, our guide and helpful tips will help make your job of throwing the best themed party ever, a whole lot easier. 


First, choose your theme

We often choose our themes from our own personal interests or things we want to experience. And from Regency costume drama bridal showers to 90s inspired school reunions, the options this year are endless.


Once you've chosen your theme, the first and golden rule of any themed party is to run with it all the way. From your invitations and wow-factor entrance to your signature cocktail and dress code, consistency is going to be absolutely key. Make sure that from start to finish, you fully immerse your guests in the theme – on this occasion, more is most definitely more!


Set the scene with a themed invitation


Now, let's talk about how to make party invites just that little bit more special. Whether posting or sending digitally (homemade GIFs are a great invite alternative to wow your guests and helps to make your party more environmentally conscious your invites are the first impression and set expectations for your party. So, you need to make a bold statement to encourage your friends to fully embrace your theme.


A unique party invitation will really get the excitement started for your event. Whether it's a personalised tea party invitation from Lady Whistledown herself, or a commemorative Platinum Jubilee teacup with the dates and times of your street party, let your creativity go wild and really charm and inspire your guests. 

Make an entrance 


Those golden first five minutes at any themed party are really special. 


Your event entrance is the first opportunity to make an impact and sets the tone for what is ahead. It can create the wow-factor from the very beginning and truly get the party started.


Have a think about lighting or video projections in dark entrances. What happens as people first arrive? Are they greeted by a character from your theme, or will you yourself make a grand entrance into the venue?


You can even add a little Hollywood glamour to your event by creating a "red carpet" set as your guests arrive. With arrival photo ops, and if budget allows – you can even hire your own paparazzi to capture memories of your party forever. 


Glow up your event space  


Glamming it up is one our favourite things about throwing a party and a themed party is certainly the best opportunity of all to showcase all of your colourful and creative flair. 


Well-considered decorations will really make your event fly and they have the ability to tie all the other elements of your party together. Here's some of our favourite ways to really set the scene this year! 


Light it up


Soft lighting creates an intimate and pleasurable party environment while also complementing the decorations. Or if you're looking for something more extravagant, no evening party is complete without disco lights, right?


Say it with flowers


Bringing in some chic flowers is a great way to add some colourful vibe to the party area. Fresh flowers, with their lovely textures and vibrant colours, have the ability to brighten up a room. 


Balloon arch 


Always a firm favourite, a balloon wall, arch or frame are all the craze, so you will want to have one of your own this year. Plus, they make for a great photo op.  


Get creative in the kitchen

From a donut wall and barbecue sharing boards to a chip ‘n' dip bar and an afternoon tea, nothing brings people together like food. And nothing brings your party together like keeping your theme going throughout your entire food and drinks menu. 


A trend that is here to stay is the drinks trolley. Set up a bar in your event space with all your favourite cocktail ingredients. Add some themed styling and just like that, your guests are transported to their favourite New York series sequel party.


2022 hottest trends

If you need a little more inspiration for your party, our favourite themes for this year are:

TV-themed party ideas
From cult classics to gripping documentaries, who doesn't love talking about the latest show they're binging on Netflix? 

Decade-themed party ideas
Evoking nostalgia has always been a golden oldie for a winning themed event.  Why not take a break from 2022 and head back to the glitz and the glam of the roaring 20's? Try incorporating fringe, beading, gemstones, or feathers into your party attire and decorations. 

Location-themed party ideas
Let's face it, travel is pretty high on all of our agendas in 2022.  Why not bring your guests together for a little escapism this summer? A sure-fire way to make your event feel like a special getaway. From Paris to the Wild West – the world is your oyster.

Colour-themed party ideas
Colour themes are a trend that are extremely popular and for good reason. From pastels to Pride themes, you'll find inspiration from all the colours of the rainbow. Embracing colour is a great way to have a party theme that is cohesive, and easy to style yet looks great! 

Movie-themed party ideas
With so many hotly anticipated blockbusters scheduled for release in 2022, what better way to celebrate your event? Movies provide a great platform for full-blown character costumes and mind-blowing decorations.

Hopefully we have given you the inspiration you need to get going with your own party planning. Remember that the winning formula is a great theme, great creativity and total consistency - and the rest of the magic will come from spending time with your guests.