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All of life's milestones are an occasion to be celebrated. Your birthday, your wedding, your anniversary; at Marriott, we help you celebrate all of your momentous occasions because we love making memories.
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15 Aug 2022
Special Occasions
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Memory Maker

Undercelebrated Milestones


Good news! It's time for another celebration, and don't just take our word for it…


According to the holy grail of trend forecasting, the latest Pinterest Predicts Report has announced a huge rise in ‘altbashes'. Otherwise known as undercelebrated milestones, these are newly celebrated events outside of traditional occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries. 


From first tooth parties and back to school get-togethers, to Luna eclipses and vow renewals, it seems we are all taking time to consider the events in our lives that should no longer pass by unmarked without gathering our closest friends and family. 


At Marriott, our Memory Makers are already well underway this year in helping guests craft those unique party moments, celebrating a wealth of themes and occasions. When considering the size or scope of your creative event, they are always on hand to lend insight and assistance (and an amazing, trusted supplier list!) to any celebration. Our Memory Makers can help you choose a suitable venue, space or location as well as help you navigate all of your other requirements such a florist, photographer, catering and more. We can help you curate every moment – from wow factor entrances to wish list party favours. 


Such is the demand for quirky altbash celebrations, we have launched our very own, brand-new Memories Made package, ‘Flying the Nest'.


Available at four of our centrally located Hotels –Delta hotels Birmingham, Delta Hotels Waltham Abbey, Delta Hotels Bexleyheath and Leicester Marriott, we can help you give your not-so-little darling the send-off they deserve as they embark on their next adventure (as well as celebrate the new freedom this means for you!)


Whether they're starting Uni, relocating for their dream job or travelling the world, what better way to say farewell to your child (and hello to the possibilities of decorating the new spare bedroom) than throwing a party to remember?


So, with undercelebrated milestones being tipped as one of the hottest trends in 2022, here's a few more of our quirkier ideas if you're looking for a fabulous excuse for your next celebration, bringing life to some of the smaller milestones in life that bring us joy! 


You got the promotion!

Enough of waiting for your co-workers to celebrate your achievements with a few drinks around your desk. You're doing some great things in life, and you've worked hard for your rewards so it's time to celebrate yourself with your friends and family. 


Or perhaps you didn't? 

Quitting your job could mean a huge weight off your shoulders or the start of a new chapter in life, therefore warranting another reason to celebrate. Get your friends or family together, order a custom cake and celebrate your career change in style!


The end of an era 

There's no discussion around altbashes without mentioning the increasingly popular divorce or separation party. Whilst they are a relatively new phenomenon, we think that the increase in them is a good sign and if they're done right, they can be a positive experience for both people and their close circle of friends and family. 


Welcoming a new member of the family

Baby showers aren't just for babies, and they aren't just for birth parents either. Adoption parties are just as special and exciting. This can also extend to fostering as well as annually celebrating the finalisation day of an adoption.


Pet Adoption Party

Perhaps one of the quirkiest themes we've seen along the lines of the altbash trend is the ‘pet adoption party' which is a celebration to welcome your new four-legged friend into the family. Think paw-shaped cakes, it's a boy/girl banners, photo collages and more. 



Whatever the occasion, we're sure it will probably be one of the most fun and unique events you've put together yet! Since altbash celebrations are a non-traditional idea, there are no hard and fast rules that you have to follow. What better way to break out of the annual party cycle than to break the mould completely?